3-Hour Enduro Hall of Fame

2011 Dehne Sparrow and Paul Turnbull
2012 Matt Nelson and Darren Nelson
2013 Lenny Bates and Damien Miller
2014 Dehne Sparrow and Paul Turnbull
2015 Darren Nelson and Daniel Unternahrer
2016 Lenny Bates and Andrew Jordan
2017 Luke Fallon and Brad Warren
2018 Damien Miller and Brendan Miller

3-Hour Enduro Number of Wins

Damien Miller 2
Darren Nelson 2
Dehne Sparrow 2
Lenny Bates 2
Paul Turnbull 2
Andrew Jordan 1
Brad Warren 1
Brendan Miller 1
Daniel Unternahrer 1
Luke Fallon 1
Matt Nelson 1